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 Endless Ocean

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PostSubject: Endless Ocean   Endless Ocean I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2010 12:10 pm

Endless Ocean

Rated 4 1/2 / 10

Endless Ocean isnt your most common game out ther nor do I believe it is the best, but I must admit after a long night at work coming home to that peaceful sernity is quite nice. Endless Ocean is a gme where you take on the persona Scuba Diver in which your goal is little more than to scuba dive at your leisure. You start out as a Nameless newly admitted Scuba Diver in the fictitious land of Manoa Lai upon a sailboat with a Woman that goes by Kat. She soon informs you of what you will be doing and also is soon guiding you to your tasks in the Sea. You start in small reefs nothing too big but soon after time progress to larger more elegant areas. As far as user friendly goes its quite simple. All it really takes is a point at the screen and a press of the button to swim. When you come across a fish you click on it and it will pet the fish gaining some friendship, you also have the option of feeding it as a alternate way. After enough friendship is gained you are provided with the name of the fish, and some facts about the fish. By interacting with the speices over a period of game days you unlock and learn more facts about the fish. (Knowledge is POWER!) all while this ifo is being recorded and being put into an encyclopedia that Kat's working on. There are over 700 species of fish in the game so the player is to be kept busy for a good while. Although due to this and the tranquility factor the game is a little slow paced which may be viewed as a plus or a mius depending the person.

In my personal opinion Endless Ocean is a captivating game and actually does keep to the promise of being "relaxing" although unless you have a sd card with music on it to use the mp3 feature of the game the music is a rather bum deal. I hope if I ever do finish the game that I might go get the sequel and give it a try for I have heard they improved alot in it. The slow paced gmeplay honestly works well for me seing as I play to RELAX after a night at work. I also seem to notice the loading Dolphin is a litle erm.. innapropriate although I guess you would need a dirty mind to see it XD. Te whole aspect is captavating and the whole experience is quite elegant, and mystifing. I Give it a 4 1/2 because the game while very very pretty is VERY slow and keeps for long gameplay but also causes boredom if ou cant pay attention.

Reviewed by Hero Sora
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Endless Ocean
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