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 Weve been tagged ..but small problem due to my stupidity

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Hero Sora
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Weve been tagged ..but small problem due to my stupidity Empty
PostSubject: Weve been tagged ..but small problem due to my stupidity   Weve been tagged ..but small problem due to my stupidity I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2010 6:19 pm

Hey guys exciting news weve been tagged for some video response thing bad news I copied the text and deleted the message without seeing who sent it >.<

So I guess that just means we cant really abide to rule 4. But if when we do this I request I have Tim -The GM, Josh - Link , Myself - Sora, and possibly hannah but she and I will have to talk befoe that is decide but anyways huzzah weve been TAGGED!

1. Dress/put on wig/make up for your Newest cosplay, If you don't have it yet, The last cosplay you did will do.
2. Answers the tag questions on the video
3. After done with yours, Tag 4 Cosplayers.
4. Don't forget to post video response back to me XD

I know my English sucks, So will put tp the Tag Question here too, in case you don't understand what I said.
1. Introduce yourself. Tell your Cosplay Name or Whatever name you go by when you cosplay.
2. How did you get into cosplay?
3. How long have you been cosplay?
4. How many cosplay have you done?
5. How did you get your costumes?
6. What is your First cosplay? Why you chosed it? and how do you feel about it?
7. What is your most Favourite cosplay? why?
8. What is the most favourite thing about cosplay?
9. Got any Cosplay pet peeves? if yes, what is it?
10. tell me about your most recently cosplay.

1. uchihayuna21
2. kopinin
3. Admantius
4. LinknSora
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Weve been tagged ..but small problem due to my stupidity
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